We all know what fishing rods go through. Not only when the bite is on but also when storing and transporting them. Stuff happens, right? You don't have to worry about telling us a whole story about why and how it happened. We just want to get you back on the water as quick as possible doing what we all want to be doing, which is catching fish. So let's keep this simple......

If your Uribe rod breaks for any reason within the first year from the purchase date you can request a one time replacement of the same model for a reasonable fee. The original owner can request a new rod by emailing info@uribefishing.com and supplying an image of their receipt if purchased at a store. We'll have you on file if you purchased directly from us.

Special warranty pricing is $60 plus shipping for all Riverside models. You must return the rod handle including the logo before we can ship out your replacement. We do not need the entire rod back which makes it easy to return. Once we get the handle and collect your info and payment we'll get a brand new Uribe replacement rod out to you....No questions asked!

Now get out there and catch some fish. We've got you covered.