Twisted Guides

The Uribe Twisted wrapped guide system is a major feature of all Uribe Casting Rods. This method brings the traditional casting rod guide layout from the top of the rod to the bottom. This process, also known as Spiral wrapped and Acid wrapped, if done correctly helps create a far more sensitive and durable rod than a traditional layout.

How this helps you Catch More Fish:

  • Less friction - In a traditional guide layout the line is on top of the rod and when the rod is loaded or flexing the line will rub against the blank. To keep the line from rubbing, more guides are introduced to keep the line lifted off the blank. This, however, does not keep the line completely off the blank, especially towards the tip. The Twisted wrap gradually brings the guides under the rod so the line never touches the blank and less guides are needed. In the end you will have less friction on the line and more sensitivity as a result. And sensitivity lets you feel every bite giving you more chances at a successful hook-set.
  • Increased durability - A broken rod catches no fish! On a traditional guide layout the load is exerted on top of the rod. When this happens it causes the blank to collapse and break due to the maximized force. If an angler does a hard hookset or goes to boat lift a fish, the rod fully loads and takes up the weight of the fish. When this happens the weight of the fish is transferred to the top of the rod blank. If the weight is too much it will cause the top of the blank to crush into the lower section of the blank. Where the rod snaps depends on its weakest part, which is usually the top section. By using the Uribe Twisted wrapped guides the weight is always underneath the rod blank so even when the rod is fully loaded. It has no pressure on top trying to crush or collapse the circumference of the rod. There is also less rod torque. Keeping the line centered underneath the blank keeps the ord from rolling left to right. This keeps the spline from twisting and breaking apart the fibers of the blank. All this makes Uribe rods far more durable and practical in the long run.